Month: March 2008

Can I carry Dangerous Goods?

1) If the packages are marked with a WHITE diamond containing the letters ‘LQ’ and/or UN numbers of all substances contained then they’re exempt from ADR and you can carry them without any specialist training – see Your insurance companies may possibly have their own ideas about whether these goods are classed as hazardous […]

Should I be VAT Registered?

Should you be registered for VAT? Almost certainly – unless you do a lot of work (say over half your turnover) for private individuals or companies that aren’t VAT registered. Otherwise you’d be crazy not to register for VAT – you’re just handing the government your money. Having decided that you need to be registered […]

Would I be better off using the Mileage Allowance Scheme?

Self-employed people with a turnover under the VAT registration threshold (whether they’re registered or not) are allowed to claim HMRC Approved Mileage Rates instead of actual running costs. 40p/mile for the first 10,000 miles then 25p/mile. Since the government haven’t raised the rates since the scheme was introduced in 2002 it’s not quite as beneficial […]

Do I need a Tachograph fitted

Rules on Driver’s Hours and Tachographs “Vehicles used for the carriage of goods by road and with a maximum permissible weight (including any trailer or semi-trailer) of over 3.5 tonnes are in scope of the EU rules. ‘Carriage by road’ is defined as any journey entirely or in part made on roads open to the […]


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