Excel VAT Invoice Template for UK Same Day Couriers

Following on from my recent post What Details Need to Appear on a VAT Invoice for Courier Services in the UK? I thought it might be useful to supply an editable invoice template to illustrate exactly what’s needed and to maybe provide a starting point for to enable same day couriers to design their own invoices which meet all the legal and business requirements.

Download the template here (MS Excel template file) or view it as a pdf file here.

Of course you don’t have to invest in a copy of Excel just to produce a few invoices, OpenOffice.org has most of the functionality of Excel (and other MS Office products) and it’s free. The template opens OK in OpenOffice but needs some slight adjustments for page margins and layout etc.

Google Docs allows you to produce invoices and other documents online and export to Excel or OpenOffice if required. They have their own invoice templates available and again it’s all free of charge.

Zoho.com is another online office suite, similar to Google Docs, with a lot more thrown in as well. They have their own dedicated online application for raising invoices invoice.zoho.com but annoyingly they’ve now seem to have started charging for its use.

Microsoft Office Accounting Express is FREE, fully featured, small business accounting software. For a free product it compares very well with the basic versions of Quickbooks and Sage, allowing you to raise and track invoices, enter bills, keep track of what you owe and what you’re owed etc, and did I mention that it’s FREE? It’s even upgradeable to the more advanced Microsoft Office Accounting Professional for about £150 if you find that you’ve outgrown it.

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