Just a few of my answers to questions that seem to get asked every week on the yellow site.

If you spot any mistakes, want to add something or just want to cover a subject that I’ve not got round to yet then send me an email – details on the yellow site ID 13218.

It’s still very much of a work in progress, but I’ll add more if and when I can be bothered.



DISCLAIMER: Any advice or information on these pages is based on my own understanding of the relevant laws. I’m not a lawyer, an accountant, a DGSA or even a CPC holder – I just run a courier business and try to keep up with the laws that affect me and my business. Free advice is generally worth exactly what you pay for it.

I’d advise you not just to take my word for it on any of the subjects I’ve covered, everyone makes mistakes after all. Where I’ve remembered I’ve included links to some further reading for you.

Before relying on any information you read on the internet it’s probably advisable to take proper professional advice; you might like to point them towards what I’ve written first though – some ‘professionals’ display a remarkable ignorance of the subjects they’re meant to be expert in!

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