Raising CX Invoices without a Job Confirmation

You can invoice another CX member, or even your own non-CX customer, using CX invoicing without ever having received a CX Job Confirmation. View the quick video walk-through below to see how easy it can be.


 If you can’t see the ‘instruction’ labels in the video then double-click on the image to view it through Youtube.

If you still can’t work out how to do this then please call CX, not me. You pay them for the service they provide.

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Posted by Alec at 10:30 pm, July 11, 2008

Terms and Conditions for Couriers

So you’ve got your Goods In Transit Insurance (up to say £15,000), you’ve got your Public Liability Insurance (up to say £1 MILLION) and you think you’re pretty much covered for everything, right? Wrong.

Unless you only ever carry goods under your own ‘Terms and Conditions’ or ‘Conditions of Carriage’, which you make available to your customers before you carry out any work for them then you could be wide open to a claim for unlimited damages from your customer or even from your customer’s customer.

Your Goods In Transit insurance might well cover you for £15,000, but what if the goods you’ve collected are worth far more than that? A consignment of Read More…

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Posted by Alec at 11:14 pm, July 9, 2008